HSC Chemistry Module 7: Organic Chemistry Study Notes

HSC Chemistry Module 7: Organic Chemistry Study Notes

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New syllabus, high-quality notes for Module 7: Organic Chemistry, used as teaching and study material for HSC Chemistry students.

Please note that the order of these notes do not completely align with what's outlined by NESA's syllabus. The syllabus content has been rearranged to create a more logical and cohesive learning experience for students. These notes contain integrated content from Module 8: Applying Chemical Ideas.

The notes are divided into 7 sections:

Section 1: Introduction to Hydrocarbons

Hydrocarbons are simplest forms of organic molecules. In this section, students learn about the basic structure, nomenclature and properties of hydrocarbons.

Section 2: Hydrocarbon Reactions

This section aims to extend students' understanding of hydrocarbons by exploring organic chemistry reactions. 

Section 3: Alcohols

Alcohols are common organic molecules that differ greatly in terms of their properties and reactivities compared to hydrocarbons. In this section, students start to understand the true complexity of organic chemistry. 

Section 4: Carbonyl Compounds

Section 4 contains information on aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids, including their structure, nomenclature, properties and associated reactions. In addition, chemical tests that can be used to identify these compounds are also integrated from Module 8: Applying Chemical Ideas.

Section 5: Esters, Amines and Amides

This section explores everything there is to know about esters, amines and amides in the context of the new HSC Chemistry syllabus. The study notes include both theory and practical components to help students familiarise with every aspect of their study. 

Section 6: Soap and Detergents

Section 6 builds on the knowledge from esters and introduces fatty acid chemistry whereby students learn to synthesise soaps from raw materials in a school laboratory. 

Section 7: Polymers

Polymer chemistry is a growing area for both research and manufacture. This section explores the wide range of properties and applications organic molecules can be modified into.