HSC Chemistry Module 6 VCE Past Exam Questions (2001-2018)

HSC Chemistry Module 6 VCE Past Exam Questions (2001-2018)

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This product contains all HSC Chemistry related exam questions from the VCE exams (2001-2018) & solutions. MCQs and extended response questions are also included.

Questions that are not related to the HSC Chemistry syllabus are not included.

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The questions are organised into the following topics:

1. pH, Concentration and Strength of Acids

This section contains VCE exam questions on basic pH calculation, concepts on concentration and strength of acids as well as degree of ionisation.

2. Weak Acid and Base Dissociation

This section builds upon the concept from section 1 and explores the nature of weak acid dissociation in water. This section contains VCE exam questions on Ka, pKa, Kb and pKb.

3. Titration and Indicator Chemistry

Past exam questions in this section encompass a wide range of acid/base chemistry principles, including neutralisation calculation, titration curves and titration practical-related questions.

4. Acid and Base Related Questions

Section 4 contains VCE exam questions on any other uncategorised acid/base-related topics including electrochemistry, reaction rate and Le Chatelier's principle. These questions will broaden your understanding of acid/base chemistry.