HSC Chemistry Module 7 VCE Past Exam Questions (2002-2019)

HSC Chemistry Module 7 VCE Past Exam Questions (2002-2019)

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This product contains all HSC Chemistry related exam questions from the VCE exams (2002-2019) & solutions. MCQs and extended response questions are also included.

Questions that are not related to the HSC Chemistry syllabus are not included.

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The questions are organised into the following topics:

1. Hydrocarbon Chemistry

This section features questions on alkanes, alkenes and alkynes. The questions vary in topic: isomers, physical properties of hydrocarbons and reactions of hydrocarbons such as cracking and addition reactions.

2. Alcohols

Alcohols are next in line after hydrocarbons. VCE questions on alcohol compounds have a focus on their physical properties, dehydration/hydration reactions and combustion. 

3. Carbonyls: Aldehydes, Ketones, Carboxylic Acids and Esters

Questions in this section have a greater emphasis on chemical tests that are used to identify different carbonyl compounds as well as hydrocarbons and alcohols. In addition, there are numerous questions on structure, nomenclature and reactions of carbonyl compounds.

4. Polymers

The Polymers section contains questions on structure, different types of polymers e.g. addition, condensation as well as those of monomers. 

5. Reaction Pathways

The last section is the largest of all, mainly consisting of extended response questions that require students to apply knowledge in the context of chemical synthesis and reaction schemes.

The questions are great for assessing students' knowledge of reactants, reagents, reaction conditions and more importantly their ability to link concepts across various sections in the syllabus.