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HSC Chemistry and Physics Tutoring


1-on-1 tutoring from the comfort of your home.

Tailored approach

Improve with individualised assessments, feedback and depth study help.

Premium resources

Learn at your own pace. Practise with resources specific to your need.

Become a Critical Thinker

Excelling in science requires more than having a good memory.

We will teach you how to think and problem solve. You will be able to carry these essential skills beyond the HSC into other areas of life.

The Science Ready Experience

1. Learn

Before tutorials, you will be learning a new topic from our videos at your own pace. While watching, you will generate questions to ask us during the tutorial.

2. Discuss

During tutorials, we will lead a discussion on the new topic to test the depth of your understanding. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions you had from watching the videos. 

3. Apply

After tutorials, you will be given homework questions that require you to apply the new knowledge and understanding. You can also ask questions from the homework in the following tutorial.

More Than Tutoring

We believe that a greater tutor does more than just teach. We will mentor and inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

We will help you build essential skills related to studying, including time management, motivation, exam preparation and stress management – all of which will help you attain your academic success!

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Why us


Founder of Science Ready. In the last 7 years, Sunny has mentored more than 50 students in an 1-on-1 setting. 

  • Band 6 in HSC Chemistry & Physics
  • First in Chemistry at The University of Sydney
  • Doctor of Medicine & Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry)


Donny completed the HSC in 2022 with excellence in both chemistry and physics. He has 2 years of tutoring experience under his belt. He is currently in his first year of Bachelor of Science / Doctor of Medicine at University of Queensland.

  • Band 6 in HSC Chemistry (19th in NSW 2022) & Physics
  • 99.95 ATAR
  • Sydney Boys High School
  • Australian Chemistry Olympiad Bronze Medalist






1 in 2




We pride ourselves in helping students improve not just by their high scores.

*HSC Chemistry and Physics (2019-2022)

"Sunny is one of the greatest tutors I’ve ever had, helping me raise my chemistry mark by 20%. He is an extremely dedicated teacher who not only teaches the theory required but also teaches great exam technique further benefitting you. There is no tutor quite like him and I would definitely recommend him."

Zeya (Chemistry) – Reddam House School

"I had Sunny as a tutor toward the end of my HSC year. His understanding of the syllabus is to a highly detailed extent. His teaching and explanations were framed in a way that effectively addressed any weaknesses in my understanding and allowed for a holistic understanding of the syllabus. His approach was one that highlighted a more critical approach to chemistry through an emphasis on fundamental understanding and high yield exam strategies. Sunny has a multitude of resources for every aspect of the syllabus to put these lessons into practice that I found extremely useful in preparing for my exams."

Eugenie (Chemistry) – James Ruse Agricultural High School

"Sunny is definitely a very experienced and organised tutor! He has every single lesson planned with very detailed notes and very good questions for homework each week. He has a whole range of resources that are extremely helpful from module exams to HSC exams. Sunny is also a very kind, positive and patient tutor as he would explain every single bit very detail to me when I struggle to understand and won’t mind going through them again. I would highly recommend Sunny as a tutor!!!"

Seline (Physics) – St Catherine's School

"Sunny is a great tutor who is very knowledgeable on the content he teaches, going through the curriculum in a detailed and organised manner."

Jasmine (Chemistry) – Hornsby Girls High School

"Sunny is a very enthusiastic and knowledgable tutor. He understands my abilities and configures explanations and ideas that best suit my understanding"

James (Physics) – Marist College Kogarah

"Sunny was an amazing tutor who definitely helped me improve in chemistry! He was extremely thorough, really patient and willing to explain concepts when I didn't understand them - would definitely recommend!"

Sharlotte (Chemistry) – Sydney Girls High School

"He is very approachable, easy to ask questions to and explains concepts in a way that is easy to understand. He makes sure that you don't have any gaps in your knowledge and encourages good study skills."

Leah (Chemistry) – Hornsby Girls High School

"Sunny's a great chemistry tutor with great dedication to teaching and helping students grasp difficult chemistry concepts and work through difficult calculations. He also gives great chemistry resources for practice questions and theory."

Leki (Chemistry) – Abbotsleigh

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