Module 6 - Electromagnetism

We recommend students learning Module 6: Electromagnetism in the order we have prescribed below.

We believe it is essential for students to be exposed to the concept of DC Motors (section 4) immediately after learning about the Motor Effect and Electromagnetic Induction, rather than at the end of the module 6 as outlined in the 2019 NSW Syllabus.

Charged Particles, Conductors and Magnetic Fields

Section 1 (M6-S1): Charged Particles in Electric Fields

Section 2 (M6-S2): Charged Particles in Magnetic Fields

The Motor Effect

Section 3 (M6-S3): The Motor Effect

Section 4 (M6-S4): Force Between a Pair of Straight Conductors

Electromagnetic Induction

Section 5 (M6-S5): Electromagnetic induction (Introduction to Faraday and Lenz's Law)

Section 7 (M6-S7): Transformers and Other Applications of Induction (Induction Braking and Stove)

Section 8 (M6-S8): Generators

Section 9 (M6-S9): AC Induction Motor

Applications of the Motor Effect

Section 6 (M6-S6): Applications of The Motor Effect: DC Motor