HSC Chemistry Module 6 – Acid/Base Reactions

Module 6: Acid/Base Reactions is the second module of the new NSW HSC Chemistry curriculum.

In this module, students will explore the different properties and uses of acids and bases. Ideas that will be explored in section will include acid-base models, naming acids, buffers, and titration. 

Properties of Acids and Bases

Using Brønsted-Lowry Theory

Acid & Base Dissociation

  • Section 11 (M6-S11): pKa
  • Section 12 (M6-S12): pKb
  • Section 13 (M6-S13): Acidic and Basic Salts + Calculations

Quantitative Analysis

  • Section 16 (M6-S16): Indicators
  • Section 18 (M6-S18): Acid/base analysis methods by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people