Our Mission

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Our Story

As former students who studied science for the HSC, we know the lack of high quality resources makes the learning experience unnecessarily difficult. Science Ready was started in 2019 as a platform for students to access up-to-date resources for the new HSC Chemistry and Physics syllabus. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we realised students needed more online resources to feel supported during their learning journey, particularly in such an unprecedented environment. We realised the importance and potential of online education more than ever. 

The team at Science Ready consists of university graduates who are pursuing careers in science and education themselves. We hope, by sharing our experiences and expertise through Science Ready, we can play a part in students' HSC journey and help them reach their goals. 

Meet Sunny

Sunny started Science Ready in 2019 as a platform to provide learning resources to high school science students. He studied chemistry & physics for his HSC, and continued these areas of study in university. With more than 7 years of teaching experience, he wishes to transform the learning experience for all HSC Chemistry & Physics students.
Sunny graduated from The University of Sydney with Doctor of Medicine and Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry)

Our Values


Our core value is trust. We aim to provide you, the student, content that is valuable and exclusive.

Science Ready provides premium resources that aim to mimic the style of the latest HSC examinations. Our resources focus on developing critical & analytical thinking skills, and therefore, are different to traditional questions seen in school trial examinations and old HSC examinations. We update our resources every year to reflect any changes in the way examination questions are written and the nature of high quality responses sought by HSC markers.