Our Story

In 2017, NESA (formerly Board of Studies) announced major changes to the HSC Science Curriculum.

As educators, we've witnessed the obstacles faced by students studying new HSC syllabus. The lack of resources have imposed difficulties for teachers, and more importantly barriers for students.

This is why we created Science Ready. We want to help students overcome this barrier by collating past and creating new resources that are relevant to the new Chemistry and Physics syllabus. We pride ourselves in providing digital notes and practice exams that can be shared among students. 

Who We Are


Biochemistry Graduate

Sunny graduated from a B.Sc in Biochemistry and is currently completing a Doctor of Medicine at The University of Sydney. Sunny has also placed top of the class in Organic Chemistry Honours at Cornell University. Sunny completed his HSC at North Sydney Boys's High School. With five years of tutoring experience under his belt, he has mentored 50+ students in high school chemistry and physics. 


Chemistry & Secondary Education Graduate

Dennison graduated from The University of Sydney with a B.Sc in Chemistry and is expected to complete his B.Ed in Secondary Education in 2020. Dennison completed his HSC at North Sydney Boys' High School. He has previous teaching experience at both selective and non-selective schools as well as five years of tutoring experience in one-on-one and group settings. 

Our Values

Our core value is trust. We aim to provide you, the student, content that is valuable and exclusive. We place high importance in learning as a group, which is why we have digitised our resources for you to share, re-use and make the most of your learning experience.