Module 7 - The Nature of Light

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Section 1 (M7-S1): James Maxwell and Electromagnetism

Section 2 (M7-S2): Determination of the Speed of Light

Section 3 (M7-S3): Introduction to Spectroscopy

Section 4 (M7-S4): Applications of Spectroscopy (Discharge Tube, Incandescent Filament, Sunlight and Stellar Spectra)

Light: Wave Model

Section 5 (M7-S5): Diffraction of Light

Section 6 (M7-S6): Particle vs Wave Model of Light (Newton & Huygens)

Section 7 (M7-S7): Polarisation of Light

Light: Quantum Model

Section 8 (M7-S8): The Quantum Theory

Section 9 (M7-S9): The Photoelectric Effect and the Quantum (Particle) Model of Light

Light and Special Relativity

Section 10 (M7-S10): Theory of Special Relativity: Einstein's Postulates 

Section 11 (M7-S11): Theory of Special Relativity: Time Dilation & Length Contraction

Section 12 (M7-S12): Theory of Special Relativity: Relativistic Momentum