Module 5 - Advanced Mechanics

Module 5: Advanced Mechanics is the first module of Year 12 HSC Physics. In this module, students build upon their knowledge of rectilinear and 2-dimensional motion from Year 11.

Students begin to examine applications of projectile and circular motion in various situations as well as mechanics in the context of space.

Projectile Motion

Section 1: Introduction to Projectile Motion

Section 2: Full-flight Projectile Motion: Initial Velocity and Launch Angle

Section 3: Full-flight Projectile Motion: Maximum Height, Time of Flight and Range

Section 4: Half-flight and Incomplete Projectile Motion

Circular Motion

Section 5: Introduction to Circular Motion

Section 6: Circular Motion in a Variety of Situations

Section 7: Quantitative Analysis of Circular Motion

Section 8: Torque

Motions in Gravitational Fields

Section 9: Newton's Law of Gravitation & Orbital Motion of Satellites

Section 10: Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion

Section 11: Gravitational Potential Energy, Changes in Energy in Space and Escape Velocity

Section 12: Low Earth and Geostationary Satellites