HSC Science Tips & Advice | HSC Science Ready

  • What topics in Year 11 Chemistry are less important? 

    Not every topic in Year 11 is required for the HSC. Find out what they are.
  • What Should I Revise From Year 11 Chemistry?

    Find out what chemistry topics you should revise before you go back to school.
  • How do we make our practice exams?

    We will take you through the 5 main stages of mock exam practice and show you what sets Science Ready apart.
  • HSC Physics – HOW TO: Evaluate the impact of Planck’s quantum theory

    Learn and consolidate your understanding of Planck's quantum theory and its relevance to other topics in HSC Physics.
  • HSC Physics Questions You Should Prepare For To Succeed in 2019 (IN-DEPTH)

    Comprehensive list of topics and questions you NEED to know to succeed in HSC Physics in 2019.
  • 5 Tips for Preparing for the New HSC Science Syllabus (2019)

    5 useful tips to help you improve and feel more confident in new HSC Science courses.