Module 8 - From The Universe to the Atom

Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

The new From The Universe to the Atom module combines ideas from the old Optional Module: Astrophysics and Quantum to Quarks. The aim of this new module is to allow HSC Physics students to recognise and appreciate the wide scope of physics.

Throughout learning this module it is important to realise the vast scale on which physics is founded upon - from the size of The Universe to minute fundamental particles.

Origins of the Elements

Section 1 (M8-S1): The Big Bang Theory and Hubble's Law

Section 2: (M8-S2) Stars' Spectra

Section 3 (M8-S3): Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

Section 4 (M8-S4): Energy Sources of Stars

Structure of the Atom

Section 5 (M8-S5): The Electron

Section 6 (M8-S6): Rutherford's Atomic Model and Chadwick's Discovery of the Neutron

Quantum Mechanical Nature of the Atom

Section 7 (M8-S7a): Bohr's Atomic Model and the Hydrogen Spectrum (incl. Balmer Series)

Section 7b (M8-S7b): Rydberg's Equation (Hydrogen Spectrum Calculation)

Section 8 (M8-S8): de Broglie and Schrodinger's Contribution to the Atom

Properties of the Nucleus

Section 9 (M8-S9): Radioactive Decay (Theory)

Section 10 (M8-S10): Radioactive Decay (Calculation)

Section 11 (M8-S11): Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Reactors 

Deep Inside the Nucleus

Section 12a (M8-S12a): The Standard Model of Matter

Section 12b (M8-S12b): Evidence for the Standard Model of Matter

Section 13 (M8-13): Particle Accelerators