HSC Chemistry: Amines and Amides


This is part of the HSC Chemistry course under the topic Reactions of Organic Acids and Bases.

HSC Chemistry Syllabus

  • investigate the structural formulae, properties and functional group including: amines and amides

  • explain the properties within and between the homologous series of carboxylic acids amines and amides with reference to the intermolecular and intramolecular bonding present

  • investigate the differences between an organic acid and organic base

Organic Bases: Structure, Boiling Point and Solubility of Amines

This video introduces the concept of organic bases, namely amines. This video explains the structure and nomenclature of this new functional group, as well as their physical properties including boiling point and solubility in water.


Amides: Structure, Boiling Point and Solubility in Water

This video introduces a new carbonyl functional group – amide. Throughout the video, we discuss the structure and properties of amides, as well as its similarity and differences compared with amines.




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