HSC Chemistry: Esters


This is part of the HSC Chemistry course under the topic Reactions of Organic Acids and Bases.

HSC Chemistry Syllabus

  • investigate the structural formulae, properties and functional group of esters

  • investigate the production, in a school laboratory, of simple esters – Fisher esterification – concentrated H2SO4 as a catalyst and dehydrating agent – reflux, isolation and purification of esters

Esters: Structure, Nomenclature, Boiling Point and Solubility

This video explores the structure, nomenclature and properties of esters – a new carbonyl functional group.


    Production of Simple Esters, Reflux, Isolation and Purification

    This video explores the production of esters from alcohols and carboxylic acids, isolations of esters and finally the purification of esters. The video also explains the need for concentrated sulfuric acid, heat and reflux in the production of esters.



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