Science Ready Chemistry Program

If you have found our resources helpful, the Science Ready Chemistry Program (SRCP) may be for you. Applications for 2021–2022 cohort are due 9th September 2021

About the Program

The Science Ready Chemistry Program (SRCP) is an online mentoring program for NSW High School Certificate (HSC) chemistry students. The program was established in 2019, in the same year as the new HSC science syllabus. What makes this program unique is that it offers a flipped-classroom teaching approach and one-on-one mentoring, both of which are facilitated online.


Who’s Suitable for This Program?

The SRCP is suitable for inquisitive students who are always willing to take the extra step to understand scientific concepts to a greater depth. In the past, the SRCP has been particularly beneficial for students who want to broaden their knowledge beyond the HSC syllabus, and those who are planning to pursue tertiary education in science.


The SRCP is suitable for students who are:

  • Commencing Year 12 in Term 4 2021, going into 2022.
  • Studying Mathematics Extension 1 or have shown outstanding performance in the Mathematics Advanced course.
  • Have a particular interest in chemistry and a desire to pursue further studies in science or science-related fields after high school.
  • Willing to attend scheduled teaching sessions during term holidays.

Information Package for 2021–2022


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