HSC Chemistry Module 7: Organic Chemistry Question Sets

HSC Chemistry Module 7: Organic Chemistry Question Sets

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Module 7: Organic Chemistry Question Sets contains 7 booklets, each consisting of MCQs and extended response questions that are created to help students consolidate their knowledge throughout the module. Each booklet is tailored to the content of each section in Module 7: Organic Chemistry Notes. 

Questions sets come with detailed explanations for MCQs and Band-6 sample answers for extended response questions.

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The product includes:

  • 100+ original MCQs for the new HSC Chemistry syllabus
  • 40+ extended response questions, each consisting of numerous parts.
  • NESA Sample Questions are embedded within each section to help you familiarise with HSC-style questions.

There are divided into the following 7 sections:

1. Introduction to Hydrocarbons

2. Hydrocarbon Reactions

3. Introduction to Alcohols

4. Alcohols Reactions

5. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids

6. Esters, Amines and Amides

7. Polymers